About the Author:

Keith Baker is the author-illustrator of many beloved picture books, including Little Green, Hide and Snake, and Quack and Count. He lives in Seattle, Washington.

Keith Baker 's Books

  • No Two Alike

    Author: Keith Baker

    Product Code:
    415026 (Board book)
    9781481415026 (Board book)
    Age Focus: 2–4
    Full Color

    Description & More Details

    From bestselling author-illustrator Keith Baker, explore the wondrous world of winter in this charming story now available as a Classic Board Book!

    No two snowflakes are alike,  almost, almost . . .  but not quite.

    Follow a pair of birds on a snowflake-filled journey through a gorgeous winter landscape to explore how everything everywhere is wonderfully unique—from branches and leaves to forests and trees to friends and loved ones.

    36 pages

  • 123 Peas

    Authors: Keith Baker, Keith Baker

    Product Code:
    499287 (Board book)
    978-144249-928-7 (Board book)
    Age Focus: 2-5

    Description & More Details


    Meet the peas—the 1-2-3 Peas! Come along as they count from one to one hundred in this pea-filled board book that’s packed with bright, bold numbers and playful number-themed scenes. These tiny green mathematicians will have young readers everywhere calling for more peas, please!

    36 pages

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