About the Author:

I have lived in Alaska since 1970, when I moved here to teach art at Mt. Edgecumbe High School in Sitka. Mt. Edgecumbe was a boarding school that served students from all over the state at a time when there were no village high schools.  It exposed me to the various native cultures in Alaska. My experience there enabled me to see village live through the eyes of my students; the result is my idealized, stylized imagery  that celebrates the joy, resilience, and the hard work that characterizes their lives.   

My work is done in transparent watercolor.  I focus on people, rather than landscape (although the Alaskan landscape is stunning), and I love to play hot colors against a white background.  

Barbara Lavallee 's Books

  • Mama, Do You Love Me?

    Author: Barbara M. Joosse   Illustrated by: Barbara Lavallee

    Product Code:
    821315 (Board book)
    9780811821315 (Board book)
    Full Color

    Description & More Details

    This beloved story of a child testing the limits of her independence, and a mother who reassuringly proves that a parent’s love is unconditional and everlasting is a perfect first book for toddlers.

    24 pages

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