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Helen Gillian Oxenbury is an English illustrator and writer of children's picture books. She lives in North London with her husband John Burningham, another children's book illustrator and writer.

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  • Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes

    Author: Mem Fox   Illustrated by: Helen Oxenbury

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    366203 (Board book)
    9780547366203 (Board book)
    Full Color

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    "There was one little baby / who was born far away. / And another who was born / on the very next day. / And both of these babies, / as everyone knows, / had ten little fingers / and ten little toes." No matter which part of the world a baby comes from—born on the ice or in a tent—that baby has “ten little fingers / and ten little toes,” the pleasing refrain of this wonderful, rhyming tribute to the chubby, sweet universality of babies of all colors. Helen Oxenbury’s soft, rounded babies are captured perfectly in soft, rounded watercolors.

    38 pages

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