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In May of 2004, Kentrell earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from the University of New Orleans. A few years later, he decided to enroll into the American Sign Language Interpreter program to further his education. Kentrell always had a passion to help Deaf individuals as his brother is deaf and he had interacted with the deaf community on various occasions. However, becoming an interpreter was not enough to fulfill Kentrell's desire to reach out to those in the deaf community and promote awareness to those who are hearing.

In 2008, Kentrell authored a children's book that teaches the American Sign Language, the alphabet, colors, and other basic concepts. Currently, he is working on a series of ASL children's books and accompanying cartoons. Because ASL is a growing language, he plans to have his books incorporated into various school systems as many are accepting it as a foreign language. One day, Kentrell hopes to see children all over North America communicate using American Sign Language and for people to bridge the gap between hearing and deaf. A lot of people want to know sign language but haven't had much exposure to it. Kentrell wants parents and children to read and enjoy his books while learning.

One of Kentrell's largest aspirations is to establish a college scholarship fund for the children of deaf parents.

Kentrell Martin 's Books

  • Shelly Goes to the Zoo

    Author: Kentrell Martin   Illustrated by: Marc Rodriguez

    Product Code:
    184537 (Hardcover)
    9780985184537 (Hardcover)
    Full Color

    Description & More Details

    Shelly's Adventures offers unique and fun-filled educational resources that incorporate American Sign Language (ASL) while telling a story. In Shelly Goes to the Zoo, Shelly and her friends spend a day with animals. While exploring the different exhibits, she teaches them animal signs and shares a few interesting facts, too. By the end of the book let's see how many signs you have learned!

    32 pages

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