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Sharon Chriscoe

Biography: Sharon Chriscoe may not vroom around a race track, but she does zip and zoom around in a bread truck with her husband, Ricky. Fueled with fresh bread, snacks, and writing tools, Sharon has made this her mobile office! She and her husband live in Pilot Mountain, North Carolina. They have three children and an assortment of dogs, cats, bunnies and occasionally a groundhog. Sharon is also the author of The Sparrow and the Trees.

Sharon Chriscoe's Books

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  • Race Car Dreams

    Author: Sharon Chriscoe   Illustrated by: Dave Mottram
    Product Code: 459643
    ISBN: 9780762459643

    Description & More Details

    After a day at the track of zipping and zooming, a race car is tired and ready for bed. He washes his rims, fills his tummy with oil, and chooses a book that is all about speed. All toasty and warm, he drifts off to sleep, he shifts into gear . . . and dreams of the race!

    32 pages