About the Author:

Drew Temperante loves writing and singing songs. He spends time in summer playing accordion in a traveling children’s puppet show.  He also works at a bookstore and loves finding old funny books.

Drew Temperante 's Books

  • Making New Friends: A Song About Friendship

    Author: Vita Jimenez   Illustrated by: Janet Cheeseman   Contributions by: Drew Temperante

    Product Code:
    907783 (Book and Cd set)
    9781632907783 (Book and Cd set)
    Full Color

    Description & More Details

    A friendly smile and a simple "hello" set the stage for a lifetime of friendships. Kids learn how to make friends with a catchy song and colorful illustrations that support the upbeat lyrics. Making New Friends! is aligned with Early Learning Science Standards. This hardcover book comes with CD and online music access.

    24 pages + CD

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