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Cathy Sheppard is a former secondary school teacher who discovered the joys of messy play through taking her four boys to Playcentre. Realizing how much learning children do through open-ended exploration and play, she completed the graduate diploma of teaching (ECE) at Victoria University and then Playcentre diploma of early childhood and adult education. Cathy now works as a professional development facilitator ad early childhood teacher. Cathy lives in New Zealand.

Cathy Sheppard 's Books

  • Recipes for Messy Play

    Author: Cathy Sheppard

    Product Code:
    609659 (Spiral bound)
    9780908609659 (Spiral bound)
    Age Focus: 1–8

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    Published by Redleaf Press

    Messy play is one of the great joys of early childhood. This book uses 40 fun, open-ended, and creative recipes for children to build literacy, numeracy, and social-emotional skills. Easel backed, self-standing package, for easy reading.

    48 pages

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