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Phil Bedel

Biography: In 2008, Sally Durbin and Phil Bedel founded the nonprofit Teaching At The Beginning, Inc. On its behalf, they photographed, edited, and produced the DVD package, Soyul & Teacher Yvette: Adventures in Preschool Second Language Acquisition. They provide professional development sessions on dual language learning and have presented to numerous organizations, such as the National Association for the Education of Young Children, California Association for the Education of Young Children, California Association for Bilingual Education, and Teach for America.

Phil Bedel has edited and directed for broadcast television and has worked extensively in documentary film. He taught film and photography at the Otis-Parsons Art Institute and at UCLA. Mr. Bedel earned a BA in Anthropology and an MFA in Motion Picture and Television Production at UCLA.

In 2005, Sally Durbin and Phil Bedel produced the award-winning documentary Beating the Odds, advocating universal access to quality preschool. Their website,, provides short videos, current research, and hands-on ideas for all educators in the field of preschool dual language learning.

Phil Bedel's Books

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  • Soyul & Teacher Yvette DVD

    Producers: Sally Durbin, Phil Bedel
    Product Code: 441205
    ISBN: 978-0-9904412-0-5

    Description & More Details

    Adventures in Preschool Second Language Acquisition


    This DVD/CD-ROM set takes a sharp look at one dual language learner across fourteen months of preschool and provides a dynamic view of the stages and strategies for preschool second language acquisition. This professional development video uses classroom vignettes and child-teacher interactions to present the stages of second language acquisition and provides strategies for working with dual language learners in preschool settings.

    Age focus: 3–5. DVD, 60 min. Facilitator's Guide on CD-ROM. Closed Captioned. Subtitled in Spanish.