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  • To See Takes Time DVD

    Authors: Margie Carter, Harvest Resources, Margie Carter
    Product Code: 320001
    ISBN: 320001

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    Growing Curriculum From Children's Theories

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    Learn with Reggio-inspired child care teachers as they probe to discover their young students' questions and theories, offer a range of art media and experiences in order to explore these questions and theories, and involve the students' families. DVD, 28 min. Closed-Captioned.

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  • Building Bridges DVD

    Authors: Harvest Resources, Margie Carter, Margie Carter
    Product Code: 320091
    ISBN: 320091

    Description & More Details

    Between Teachers and Families

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    Two veteran providers share a dialogue with one another as they shift focus from educating parents to being allies with parents. Classroom scenarios show ideas for designing inviting environments, bridging the worlds of parents and teachers, and creating family-oriented, home-away-from-home communities. DVD, 21 min. Closed-Captioned.

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