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Wendy Banning


Wendy Banning, educator, consultant, and photographer, is the program director of Learning Outside, an inquiry-based, hands-on outdoor learning space on Triangle Land Conservancy's Irvin Farm Preserve. Learn more about Wendy at

Wendy Banning's Books

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  • Lens on Outdoor Learning

    Authors: Wendy Banning, Ginny Sullivan
    Product Code: 328401
    ISBN: 978-1-60554-024-5

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    The outdoors is filled with rich learning experiences for young children. Packed with colorful photographs and detailed stories about children exploring and experiencing nature, Lens on Outdoor Learning will inspire you to facilitate and encourage children's learning as they spend time in nature. Each story describes how children naturally explore and create their own learning experiences outdoors. Using images, children's dialogue and actions, you will see how the natural world supports joyful and meaningful learning that connects to the approaches to learning standards.

    Age Focus: 3-5. Softbound, 256 pgs.

    e-book coming soon

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  • Lens on Outdoor Learning

    Authors: Wendy Banning, Ginny Sullivan
    Product Code: 541853
    ISBN: 978-1-60554-185-3

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    published by Redleaf Press>
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    Children and the outdoors . . . naturally!

    Nature sets the stage for endless opportunities of discovery, exploration, and appreciation when children's innate curiosity is encouraged. Vivid narratives anchored by colorful photographs and children's stories capture the meaningful learning that takes place when children get out of the classroom and engage and connect with the natural world. Each child-directed experience is framed by a standard in the approaches to learning domain, demonstrating how nature can be used as a unique tool to support early learning.

    Age Focus: 3-5. e-book, 256 pgs.