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Cassandra Britton holds a degree in human development and family studies. For more than 15 years, she has been the program director and full inclusion coordinator at The Little School. Cassie consults with numerous schools about using sensory diets, play, and relationship-based approaches with children with special needs and conducts sensory-social playgroups.

Cassandra Britton 's Books

  • Including One, Including All: A Guide to Relationship-Based Early Childhood Inclusion

    Authors: Todd Wanerman, Leslie Roffman, Cassandra Britton

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    327901 (Softbound)
    541808 (e-book)
    978-1-60554-013-9 (Softbound)
    978-1-60554-180-8 (e-book)

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    Relationship-based, inclusive practices strengthen every child, not just those with assessed special needs. Learn what relationship-based inclusion is; the classroom practices that support behavioral, emotional, social, and learning challenges; how to partner with families; the challenges and rewards of an inclusive program; and the details on what makes a relationship-based inclusive program possible.

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