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University Of Cincinnati & Purdy Productions

University Of Cincinnati & Purdy Productions's Books

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  • Language Arts in Early Childhood Education DVD

    Author: University Of Cincinnati & Purdy Productions
    Product Code: 323101
    ISBN: 323101

    Description & More Details

    Designing Curriculum to Meet Standards with Evidence-Based Practices

    30% discount tag

    Interacting with meaningful print builds a foundation for future literacy skills. Watch as teachers use interactive reading, writing centers, interactive reading charts, and environmental print as they incorporate language arts throughout the classroom.

    CD and DVD, 90 min.

  • DVD Nature in Early Childhood Education

    Author: University Of Cincinnati & Purdy Productions
    Product Code: 330007
    ISBN: 330007

    Description & More Details

    40% discount tag

    Help participants in your professional development sessions or students studying early childhood in your college course learn the theory, research, and application behind best practices in classrooms. This program, part of the Designing Curriculum Set, includes video clips showing preschoolers engaged in early learning and problem solving, teacher and expert interviews, classroom planning sessions, directions for making learning materials, and more. A corresponding, in-depth PowerPoint presentation is included on the CD-ROM.

    Age focus: 3-5. CD-ROM and DVD, 96 min.

    DVD and CD-ROM
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