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Deborah Falasco has owned and operated a family child care program, worked with preschoolers with special needs, and is currently the lead teacher for the two- and three-year-old program at Wimpfheimer Nursery School, the laboratory school at Vassar College. She holds a graduate certificate as an infant/toddler specialist and a master's degree in human development with a specialization in infants, toddlers, and their families. Deborah has given several workshop presentations on topics related to teaching toddlers, twos, and three-year-olds.

Deborah Falasco 's Books

  • Teaching Twos and Threes: A Comprehensive Curriculum

    Author: Deborah Falasco

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    541327 (Softbound)
    978-1-60554-132-7 (Softbound)
    Age Focus: 2-3

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    Working with two- and three-year-olds is an important job, one that will influence children's lifelong learning. With strategies to plan a developmentally appropriate program, build positive relationships with young children, and support young children's learning in all areas, Teaching Twos and Threes is a classroom essential. What's more, it's packed with creative activity ideas!

    200 pages

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