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Sylvia ReichelSylvia Reichel earned a bachelor's degree in elementary education from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, and began her career as an elementary teacher. After earning a master's degree at Indiana State University, she spent over twenty years working with preschool children, devoting much of this time to teaching in parent cooperative preschools, where parents worked as teaching assistants in the classroom and where parent education was an integral part of the program. In addition, she has taught early childhood education classes at the college level. Sylvia was actively involved in the Indianapolis Council of Preschool Cooperatives Teachers study group. She served as president for four terms, and as editor of the group's newsletter for four years. She was also publications chair and state fall conference chair for the Indiana Association for the Education of Young Children (IAEYC), and she was employed as IAEYC executive secretary for fourteen years. She has published stories and articles in several periodicals, including Highlights for Children and the Indianapolis Star. Now retired, Sylvia is married to a retired high-school teacher; they are the parents of two sons and the grandparents of three grandchildren. Publications: The Parent Newsletter: A Complete Guide for Early Childhood Professionals (Redleaf Press, 2006)

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  • The Parent Newsletter: A Complete Guide for Early Childhood Professionals

    Author: Sylvia Reichel

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    536501 (Softbound)
    978-192961080-8 (Softbound)

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    As a provider, you know that communicating with every parent, every day can be difficult. You also know that improving this communication is an important way to improve the care you give children. The parent newsletter can be a great tool to keep parents more informed and involved.

    108 pages

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