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Kay Sanders, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Child Development at Whittier College. Dr. Sanders' research examines cultural and racial socialization practices in community-based child care programs. In particular, she examines how racial/ethnic socialization in child care programs contributes to child care quality, relationships, and children's social and emotional school readiness skills.

Kay Sanders, PhD 's Books

  • The Culture of Child Care: Attachment, Peers, and Quality in Diverse Communities

    Authors: Kay Sanders, Alison Wishard Guerra

    Product Code:
    218089 (Hardcover)
    978-019021808-9 (Hardcover)
    Age Focus: 0-5

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    Explore whether current definitions of quality, models of relationships, and peer relations are accurate and relevant within the increasing racial, linguistic, and ethnic diversity of child care programs.

    320 pages

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