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Margaret B. Puckett

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  • Understanding Toddler Development

    Authors: Margaret B. Puckett, Janet K. Black, Joseph M. Moriarity
    Product Code: 157401
    ISBN: 978-193365302-0

    Description & More Details

    During children's toddler years—ages one to three—they are exploring the world, both physically and intellectually. In that short time, important milestones for increased mobility, language acquisition, and social skills present new challenges in early care and education settings. Caregivers can have a positive role in promoting this growth, especially if they understand the basics of child development presented in this book.

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  • Understanding Infant Development (e-book)

    Editor: Margaret B. Puckett   Authors: Janet K. Black, Joseph M. Moriarity
    Product Code: 540771
    ISBN: 978-1-60554-077-1

    Description & More Details

    A child's first year is one of remarkable growth. For example, in that short time, she learns to crawl, to take pride in herself, and to say simple words. You can have help promote this growth—especially if you understand the basics of child development presented in this book.

    Understanding Infant Development is one in a series of three practical, easy-to-read child development handbooks adapted from The Young Child, a textbook used in academic programs nationwide. Each book focuses on a specific age group. Written for child care providers in any setting, the set provides a complete overview of key theories and research on child development.

    Understanding Infant Development explains:

    * the impact and long-term effects of biology and environment on an infant's brain development
    * how infants learn
    * important theories of infant development
    * how early experiences lay the groundwork for an infant's development in language and thinking
    * the effects of nurturing on an infant's emotional development and stability in later life
    * milestones and windows of opportunity in an infant's development

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