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Claire E. Cameron is associate professor in the Department of Learning and Instruction at the University at Buffalo. She directs the Early Childhood and Childhood programs for teachers seeking certification to teach in New York State, and for researchers seeking a doctorate with a preschool or elementary focus. She is an expert in the development and assessment of foundational cognitive skills in early childhood and author of the Head-Toes-Knees-Shoulders (HTKS) behavioral assessment and the Motor Skills Rating Scale (MSRS) teacher-report questionnaire. Cameron earned her PhD in 2007 from the University of Michigan’s Combined Program in Education and Psychology in Ann Arbor. She was an Institute for Education Sciences Postdoctoral Fellow from 2007 to 2009 at the University of Virginia’s Center for Advanced Study of Teaching & Learning (CASTL), where she stayed on as research scientist until moving to Buffalo in 2015. She is a passionate proponent of translating research for public audiences and serves on the advisory board for the University of Connecticut’s PK–3 Leadership Program.

Claire E. Cameron 's Books

  • Hands On, Minds On: How Executive Function, Motor, and spactial Skills Foster School Readiness

    Author: Claire E. Cameron

    Product Code:
    759097 (Softbound)
    9780807759097 (Softbound)
    Age Focus: 3-5

    Description & More Details

    Hands On, Minds On describes the importance of children’s foundational cognitive skills for academic achievement in literacy and mathematics, as well as their connections with other areas of school readiness, including physical health, social and emotional development, and approaches to learning.
    Age focus: 3–5. Softbound, 192 pages.

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