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  • Tender Care and Early Learning

    Authors: Mary Hohmann, Jacalyn Post

    Product Code:
    122401 (Softbound)
    1-57379-090-7 (Softbound)
    Age Focus: 1-3

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    Infant and toddler caregivers will appreciate this guide to High/Scope's active learning approach in caring for very young children. Includes the 10 key experiences that infants and toddlers should have: sense of self, social relations, creative representation, movement, music, communication and language, exploration, space, time, and numbers.

  • Tender Care and Early Learning, 2nd Edition

    Authors: Jacalyn Post, Mary Hohmann

    Product Code:
    795838 (Softbound)
    978-1-57379-583-8 (Softbound)
    Age Focus: 0-3

    Description & More Details

    Take an active learning approach with babies and children under preschool age. Tender Care and Early Learning, 2nd Edition includes the elements of active learning; key experiences for sensory-motor learners; the organization of space and materials; children's daily schedules and caregiving routines; and adult support based on child observation, team planning, and partnerships with parents.

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