About the Author:

Katie Wilson is an illustrator based in beautiful New Zealand. She has an eye for the small things that live in quiet places. Her illustrations are peaceful, but with a sense of whimsy. She enjoys gray days, gardening, and spending time with animals, both wild and tame.

Katie Wilson 's Books

  • Discovery Concepts Board Books Set

    Author: Katie Wilson

    Product Code:
    710250 (Board Book Set)
    710250 (Board Book Set)
    Age Focus: 0–3
    Full Color

    Description & More Details

    Applying the tactile features of Montessori teaching, these innovative board books use interactive enhancements to teach young children. One-of-a-kind colorful illustrations and sturdy board pages make this set a unique addition to any early learning collection. Set includes Animals, Colors, Landmarks, and Seasons.

    20 pages / each

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