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  • Calm-Down Time

    Author: Elizabeth Verdick   Illustrated by: Heinlen Marieka

    Product Code:
    423166 (Board book)
    978-1-57542-316-6 (Board book)
    Age Focus: 2 and up

    Description & More Details

    Through rhythmic text and warm illustrations, this gentle, reassuring book offers toddlers simple tools to release strong feelings, express them, and calm themselves down. Children learn to use their calm-down place—a quiet space where they can take time out to cry, ask for a hug, sing to themselves or be rocked in a grown-up’s arms, talk about feelings, and breathe: “One, two, three . . . I’m calm as can be. I’m taking care of me.” After a break, toddlers will feel like new—and adults will, too.

    24 pages

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