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Now in its Third Edition, Young Investigators provides an introduction to the project approach with step-by-step guidance for conducting meaningful investigations with young children. The authors have expanded their bestseller to include two new chapters—How Projects Can Connect Children with Nature and Project Investigations as STEM Experiences—and to provide more help to teachers of the youngest children (toddlers) and older children (2nd grade). The new edition also shows teachers how to use standards in the topic selection process and identifies activities and experiences that will help children grasp key concepts and skills. Throughout the text, readers listen to teachers’ concerns, witness how they find solutions to challenges, and experience how excited children become during project work. This book is appropriate for those new to using the Project Approach, as well as for teachers who already have experience with implementing the Project Approach.

Book Features:

  • Examples of projects from child care centers and preschool, K–2, and special education classrooms.
  • Instructions for incorporating standards and STEM skills into project work.
  • A variety of experiences to help children connect to the natural world.
  • Toddler projects that reflect knowledge from recent mind/brain research.
  • Tools for integrating required curriculum goals and for assessing achievement.
  • A Teacher Project Planning Journal that leads teachers through the major decision points of project work.

176 pages

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Judy Harris Helm, EdD, helps schools integrate research through her consulting company, Best Practices, Inc. She is a national and international speaker and trainer on best practices in education. more..

About Lilian Katz

Dr. Lilian G. Katz is an international leader in early childhood education who played a major role in bringing project work to the attention of US teachers. She taught at the University of Illinois more..