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405555 (DVD Set)
405555 (DVD Set)
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Toddlers: Physical Development
Learn about the physical characteristics of toddlers and how gross and fine motor skills are developed. Understand the milestones children achieve at this age by observing toddlers in learning centers and at home. Hear from experts about nutrition, sleep, toilet training, and developmental differences among toddlers. DVD, 29 min. Closed-Captioned.

Toddlers: Cognitive Development
Everyday a toddler's mind is filled with new information, from vocabulary to cause and effect experiments. Examine how the brain cells are structured to connect and retain what a child learns, theories of cognitive development, and the process toddlers go through as they learn language. Observe toddlers as they engage in activities that foster memory and the retrieval of information. DVD, 26 min. Closed-Captioned.

Toddlers: Social and Emotional Development
From raging tantrums to fits of giggles, it is no secret that toddlers are skilled at expressing their emotions. Learn about the theory of the mind and how toddlers come to understand how their actions can affect others. Examine how gender and temperament play a role in development. Observe toddlers with family and peers as they develop attachments and social bonds. 29 minutes. Closed-Captioned.