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Test of Integrated Language and Literacy Skills (TILLS) is a reliable, valid assessment of oral and written language skills in students ages 6–18 years. This streamlined assessment can typically be administered in 90 minutes or less and used to support decisions on appropriate next steps. TILLS is a comprehensive, norm-referenced test that has been standardized for three purposes:
  • To identify language and literacy disorders
  • To document patterns of relative strengths and weaknesses
  • To track changes in language and literacy skills over time

TILLS is ideal for evaluating students suspected of having primary language impairment, suspected of having a learning or reading disability, those known to have an existing condition associated with difficulties in spoken and written language, and students struggling with language and literacy comprehension or social communication skills.

The TILLS Stimulus Book contains the print stimuli needed to administer the following subtests:
  • Subtest 1: Vocabulary Awareness
  • Subtest 10: Nonword Reading
  • Subtest 11: Reading Fluency
  • Subtest 12: Written Expression
  • Subtest 13: Social Communication