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Published by Redleaf Press New Product

Technology can support social-emotional development in young children

Teaching in the Digital Age to Support Social-Emotional Development of Young Children will help parents and teachers understand how technology and digital media can be used to nurture the social-emotional development of young children. Ideas, theories, research, and strategies are woven together to create a resource that is easily accessible regardless of background knowledge and experiences the reader brings to the book.

Each part of the book includes skills and concepts around social-emotional development and information on how these experiences nurture the maintenance and growth of a child’s cognitive and physical development.

Age Focus: 3-8 years
Softbound, 184 pgs
Full Color
Available November 2018

About Brian Puerling

Learn more about author Brian Puerling. Check out his Author Spotlight feature here. Brian Puerling, MS, NBCT, a graduate of the Erikson Institute and a National Board Certified Teacher is currently the Director of Education Technology at Catherine Cook School in Chicago, Brian is also a former teacher, teacher coach, curriculum reviewer, and as a presenter and consultant for the Chicago Public more..