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Age Focus: 3–5
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40 Mealtime conversation starters

Snack- and mealtimes can be important learning opportunities too! These cards lay out ideas that can boost children's social, literacy, and other cognitive skills by encouraging reflection, discussion, and creativity at the table.   

In most part-day programs, children and adults share a 15- to 20-minute snacktime, while full-day programs include both meal- and snacktimes. Each of the 40 cards in this set provides you with a different idea for conversing with children during these times. Conversation ideas center on family, parts of the daily routine, objects in the classroom, sounds, foods, and recall of recent activities, among many other topics. Once you try them out and see the possibilities for supportive interactions with children during mealtimes, you can create your own variations! The emphasis during mealtimes is on social interaction. It is important for adults to sit down and eat family style with children, not just as a natural social situation, but also as an opportunity to share relaxed conversation and support children’s ideas. If children in your program have regular groups for small-group times, planning, recall, or nap, it is best for children to eat with those same adults and children.

43 4”x5” 2-color cards