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You may be missing out on an easy, yet powerful, early learning tool: story dictation—simply listening to children's stories and writing them down word for word.

Story dictation builds a range of skills, including literacy and abstract thinking abilities, while helping fulfill early learning standards.

This book will help you learn the basics of story dictation, including when and how do it; how you can use it to assess and document growth in a variety of areas, such as language and social development; and the most common subjects of children's stories and what they may represent.

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Author Ann Gadzikowski took the time to talk with us about her professional experience and how that has influenced her professional development books. Click here to read her Author Spotlight interview.

About Ann Gadzikowski, MEd

Ann Gadzikowski has more than twenty-five years of experience as a teacher and director of early childhood programs. She is Director of Early Learning for Encyclopedia Britannica and oversees the more..