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799161 (Spiral bound)
9780692799161 (Spiral bound)
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Inspire creativity and storytelling through nature

Stonework Play is an open-ended response to the invitation to work and play with stones.

Here is a how-to book to guide you through predictable steps for an enriching experience with stones. It recounts a history, beginning in Nepal, and includes select stories of people creating with the natural world of stones. It champions nature as an important resource for today’s youth. Written in storybook style to appeal to all ages, this book delves briefly into pedagogy to complete an adult understanding.

A beautifully descriptive invitation and guide to work and play with stones. Stones, never fixed in their place or meaning, lay a perfect groundwork for artistic creation, and the ancient human art of storytelling. Stonework Play appeals to children and adults alike, and facilitates collaboration between them.

Diana Suskind

Spiral bound, 91 pgs.