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Soyul & Teacher Yvette DVD

Soyul & Teacher Yvette DVD:
Adventures in Preschool Second Language Acquisition

Producers: Sally Durbin, Phil Bedel
Product Code: 441205
ISBN: 978-0-9904412-0-5
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Soyul and Teacher Yvette: Adventures in Preschool Second Language Acquisition is a DVD/CD-ROM set, showcasing one dual language learner across fourteen months of preschool. An avenue for observation, it offers a dynamic view of the stages and strategies involved in second language acquisition. The featured video presents a singular case study of one child over time, capturing the trajectory of her language development.

Soyul and Teacher Yvette: Adventures in Preschool Second Language Acquisition consists of three twenty-minute videos and a facilitator’s guide (in English and Spanish) and expressly supports:
  • Directors of early childhood education centers,
  • Instructors at colleges and universities,
  • Monolingual and bilingual teachers,
  • Parents and families.

Each video serves as a springboard for flexible, mobile professional development:
  • Video One documents Soyul, Teacher Yvette, and the four stages of preschool second language acquisition;
  • Video Two zeroes in on the characteristics of each stage with commentary on Soyul’s language abilities;
  • Video Three focuses on the teaching strategies appropriate to Soyul at each of the four stages and the benefits of supporting the first language and culture of the dual language learner.

This DVD features commentary by leaders and researchers in the field:
  • Moisés Román, Director of Curriculum, UCLA Early Care and Education,
  • Marlene Zepeda, Ph.D., Professor, Researcher, Consultant,
  • Julie Espinoza, Director of Education, Mothers’ Club Family Learning Center,
  • Gay Macdonald, Executive Director, UCLA Early Care and Education,
  • Linda M. Espinosa, Ph.D., Author, Researcher, Consultant.

Age Focus: 3–5. DVD, 60 min. Closed Captioned, English. Subtitles, English & Spanish.
CD-ROM with Facilitator’s Guide, English & Spanish.

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Review by: Kimberly Brenneman, Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science, National Institute for - February 17, 2015
This DVD is a terrific resource. It captures something marvelous and important - the educational power associated with seeing Soyul's development through the stages of second language learning and the way that educators can incorporate research-based supports into the classroom.
Review by: Karen Nemeth, Author, Basic of Supporting Dual Language Learners - December 17, 2014
I think every early childhood teacher and caregiver should have the opportunity to learn from Soyul & Teacher Yvette....Early childhood education professors, consultants and authors will also find that this collection can be invaluable for updating their work to reflect new best practices.
Review by: Marilyn McGrath, Santa Monica College, past president of CAAEYC - December 16, 2014
Sally Durbin and Phil Bedel have developed a masterly, user-friendly and research-based program that provides teachers with effective ways to cultivate dual language acquisition in ECE programs.
Review by: Janet Oh, California State University, Northridge - December 16, 2014
A powerful documentary, it demystifies and demonstrates the interplay between the stages and strategies of preschool second language acquisition for all who watch!

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