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Discover how Powerful Interactions—and you—make a difference!

In early childhood settings, children and teachers interact all day long. The benefits are enormous when even some of those “everyday” interactions become intentional, purposeful, and culturally responsive—in other words, Powerful Interactions®! With these three steps, you can embed Powerful Interactions in your daily work with children ages birth through 8:

  • Step One: Be Present. Pause, tune in to yourself and the moment, and consider how you might need to adjust to create a “just-right” fit with a child.

  • Step Two: Connect. To foster trust and confidence, let that child know that you see her; are interested in what she is doing, saying, and thinking; and want to spend time with her.

  • Step Three: Extend Learning. Make use of your strong connection with the child to stretch her knowledge, skills, thinking, or language and vocabulary.

  • With updated content and research, new examples and insights, and questions to guide group study discussions, the new edition of this bestselling classic covers everything you need to understand what Powerful Interactions are, how to make them happen, and why they are so important in increasing children’s learning and your effectiveness as a teacher.  

    About Amy Laura Dombro

    Amy Laura Dombro?is an early childhood educator and documentarian who captures stories of change initiatives with the goal of supporting people who do their best work on behalf of children and more..

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    Judy Jablon?is the founder and executive director of Leading for Children, a national nonprofit with the mission of providing the best possible early learning experiences for young children while more..