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Prevention is the first and best form of treatment, but injury or illness can still happen. Medical Emergencies in Early Childhood Settings is an easy-to-use and accurate tool to help professionals in early childhood settings quickly address these serious situations. It provides crucial step-by-step instructions to help deal with children's medical emergencies, including cuts and wounds, choking, allergic reactions, burns, bites and stings, sudden illness, eye trauma, and many more.

This Redleaf Quick Guide is an up-to-date medical resource where you will find:

  • Advice on when you should call for paramedics
  • Concise and easy-to-access lists of what to do and what not to do when faced with a child's injury or illness
  • Standard precautions to reduce the spread of infection and germs
  • Prevention tips to use in your child care environment
  • Information on preparing for emergencies, including recommendations for training and assembling an appropriate first aid kit
  • Resources for further reading on medical topics
The Redleaf Quick Guide to Medical Emergencies in Early Childhood Settings will help you take action in urgent medical situations.

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About Charlotte Hendricks, PhD

Dr. Charlotte M. Hendricks, president and founder of, has promoted health education for young children, parents, and teachers for over thirty years. Her career in early childhood health education began in 1980 in a health department, where she pioneered research and curriculum development in preschool health education. Her work has continued with experience in higher more..