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Age Focus: 2–4
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Help boys thrive in preschool

Boys often experience preschool differently from girls. This popular book covers the latest research on boys' experience and needs in early childhood. Make Room for Boys! has valuable tips for activities, teaching strategies for social-emotional and cognitive development, and solutions to common challenges.

With chapters focused on movement and space, visuospatial and auditory processing, behavior and emotion, and fine-motor skills, it offers insights into the temperaments of young boys and

  • Explains in everyday language the sex-based and gender-based differences between boys and girls
  • Provides activities and strategies to accommodate the specific needs of boys in the preschool environment
  • Includes anecdotes to clarify the strategies and demonstrate how they apply in the classroom
  • Offers opportunities for self-reflection to help teachers incorporate what they’ve learned into their own daily routine

If you’ve often wondered what to do about the rough-and-tumble energy of your preschools boys, make room on your bookshelf for Make Room for Boys!

120 pages