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Age Focus: 5–6
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Life at 5: Great Expectations

A good start to school depends on three fundamental gifts: the ability to communicate effectively, a talent for fitting in well with others, and an ambition to learn. This program tracks the challenges, setbacks, and successes in the lives of a half-dozen five-year-olds as they prepare for the world of organized education. When it comes to school readiness, why is Ben, the smallest of quintuplets, lagging behind? Can science explain why Decklan is such an engaging chatterbox? Will school be too much for unpredictable Jara'na? And how will a range of factors—such as the role of higher education in Haleema's family, Sofia's apprehension about seeing her father in the hospital, or Anastasija's attitude towards authority—impact the learning potential with which these children are blessed. This program is part of the series Life at 1, 3, and 5: A Longitudinal Study in Child Development.

52 minutes