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Age Focus: 1–3
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Support toddlers settling into a new group environment

Whether toddlers are new to a group setting or transitioning into a new classroom, the period of adjustment is sensitive and can be challenging at times. The relationship between the toddler and caregiver is the foundation for supporting each child's learning and success. Lesson Plans for a Strong Start: The First 30 Days for Toddlers guides caregivers as they support toddlers who are settling into a new routine and new environment during their first month in a group setting. The book provides caregivers with six weeks of ready-to-use lesson plans, each focused on the interests, needs, and development of the toddlers in their program. With strategies, activities, and information related to important topics in the development of young children, caregivers are ready to engage toddlers in active learning and support their development. All the activities are designed to be used in child care centers as well as family child care programs or home day care centers.

Each daily plan includes:

  • Detailed group-time activities with strategies for adult-child interactions
  • Scaffolding charts to support children's learning at different development levels
  • Ideas to support children's active engagement in transitions, bodily care routines, and choice time
  • Lists of developmentally important experiences for each activity based on HighScope's Key Developmental Indicators (KDIs) and COR Advantage items
  • Follow-up ideas to support toddlers' adjustment and learning

Plans for a Strong Start’s final two sections teachers with guidance on strategies, plans, and materials that they can use in their classroom beyond the first 30 days.

324 pages