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Dr. T. Berry Brazelton and the evolution of child rearing in the twenty-first century

America's baby doctor tells the inspiring story behind a half century of caring for, understanding, and championing children. From his childhood in Waco, Texas, where he took expert care of nine small cousins while the adults ate Sunday lunch, to Princeton and an offer from Broadway, to medical and psychoanalytic training, to the exquisite observations into newborn behavior that led babies to be seen in an entirely new light, Dr. T. Berry Brazelton's life has been one of innovation and caring. Known internationally for the Touchpoints theory of regression and growth in infants and young children, Brazelton is also credited for bringing the insights of child development into pediatrics, and for his powerful advocacy in Congress.

In Learning to Listen, you can follow both the roots of a brilliant career and the evolution of child-rearing into the twenty-first century.

256 pages