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Enhance your professional development and partner with children and families to improve learning experiences in a range of early childhood settings and programs.

Learn how to integrate the Learning Stories approach and teacher inquiry groups to promote authentic assessment to inform instruction, and foster collegial team building and collaboration. The writing of Learning Stories integrated within the professional development process of teacher inquiry, documentation, and reflection offers a new model of professional support and a method for reaching out to children and families.

The Learning Stories approach is used primarily with children from birth through age 8, and educators in classrooms and programs, administrators, professional development specialists, instructional coaches, and teacher educators can benefit from this approach.

Within this book, you’ll find

  • Extensive examples linking Learning Stories and teacher inquiry groups
  • Key ideas, strategies, and reflection questions
  • Information on how Learning Stories can supplement assessment tools such as QRIS, DRDP, and CLASS
  • Resources and approaches for starting your own inquiry group

An online study guide accompanies the book. (See inside for information.) Use this handy guide in a college or university course, your professional learning community, or your own book club with colleagues.

128 pages