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500342 (CD Set)
500342 (CD Set)
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Real-life Videos of Children at Play to Support Your Next Training

This Learning Moments CD (for use on a computer) presents 10 real-life video files that are the perfect complement to workshops, lectures, and online courses on how young children with learning challenges demonstrate their understandings and competencies during play. These video clips afford the invaluable opportunity to learn about the knowledge and skills that children may not evidence as clearly across all domains.

In the clips on this CD you will observe how children living with learning challenges demonstrate:

  • flexibility when solving problems by being able to move beyond an initial problem in order to revise strategies or invent new solutions.
  • perseverance as they seek to attain their goals in the context of both solitary and collaborative play.
  • leadership as they share their knowledge with a peer or take on different roles in a spontaneous group game.

Approximately 53-minute run time.

These CDs can be used on PC or Mac platform.

Permission is granted for use of the CD by one individual program director, trainer, or college educator presenting the material in an in-person setting.