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500343 (CD-ROM)
5500343 (CD-ROM)
Age Focus: 0-3
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Express Your Understanding of the World

This Learning Moments CD presents real-life video files that are the perfect complement to workshops, lectures, and online courses on art as literacy. You will observe how children use drawing, painting, singing, and movement to express their understanding of the world and to decipher the drawings and movements of others. You will also see the process children use to make their symbols more “readable” by others.

When children draw, paint, pretend, sing, sculpt, mime, and dance they are in effect creating symbols that express their understanding of the physical and social world. Therefore, we can treat their work as an early form of literacy. Through a study of their art expressions we learn how child communicate their understanding of the world to others and to oneself.

This CD contains eleven high-resolution video clips with supporting text that answers such questions as: what to say or not say when a child is drawing, how to judge the skill level of a child dancing, and how to co-play with children as they create pretend narratives. Study these clips, add them to your own presentations or online courses so that others can "See what children know™” Share them with parents so they can appreciate the literacy development that occurs during art activities.

CD-ROM, 44 minutes