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Make literature learning visible

K-2 Chart Sense is the ultimate resource for primary teachers who are ready to create meaningful, standards-based charts with their students. The same literature and informational text charts that Rozlyn creates with students when she models and teaches in classrooms across the nation are all included here. Packed with over seventy photographs, Chart Sense is an invaluable guide for novice or veteran reading teachers who want authentic visuals to reinforce and provide guidance for reading skills. Organized in a simple, easy-to-use format, Rozlyn shares multiple charts for every reading informational text and literature standard. Don't mistake this as just a collection of anchor chart ideas. At over 150 pages, this book is filled with actual charts, step-by-step instructions to create your own, teaching tips, and instructional strategies.

192 pages

About Rozlyn Linder, PhD

Rozlyn Linder, PhD, is a highly sought-after presenter and best-selling author. Known for her energetic, fast-paced seminars and workshops, she collaborates with teachers across the nation at national and state conferences on literacy. An award-winning teacher, she has taught at all levels from elementary through college. She specializes in explicit instruction and standards-based classrooms. more..