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Strategies to Lead, Motivate, and Engage Early Childhood Teachers

You’ve probably seen it: frustration builds, teacher turnover rises, staff meetings become insufferable, indifference breeds throughout the school. Spark change! When your staff feels supported and empowered to grow and develop their skills, your program and the children will thrive.

Inspiring Professional Growth addresses the need for offering nurturing and empowering professional development. This book provides leaders with a framework to create a system that supports teachers throughout their careers.

Acquire, evolve, and master new leadership skills:

  • Gain confidence in your leadership role
  • Establish a growth culture
  • Find effective ways to work with challenging staff members
  • Cultivate collaboration and collective goal setting
  • Facilitate meaningful professional development

128 pages

About Susan MacDonald

Susan MacDonald, MEd, is the founder of Inspiring New Perspectives, a consultancy focused on empowering educational leaders to create programs that deeply respect and nurture possibilities that lie more..