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Infant and Toddler Experiences

Infant and Toddler Experiences

Authors: Fran Hast, Ann Hollyfield
Product Code: 126001
ISBN: 978-188483457-8
Format: Softbound
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What's the difference between a classroom activity and an experience? One you organize to pass the time, and the other you intend to last a lifetime.

Help infants and toddlers figure out how the world works with meaningful experiences, organized by the three "Cs": curiosity, connection, and coordination. As the introduction says, "The special joy of caring for infants and toddlers is the chance to experience the world through their eyes." Softbound, 272 pgs.
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Review by: Alice Sterling Honig, Syracuse University -- Professor emerita of child developmen - August 4, 2011
This caregiving manual is filled with love and kindness toward little ones. The emphasis on teacher awareness and implementation of opportunities to enhance intimacy is beautifully emphasized by the authors. Their caring ways and attitudes shine through the words.
Review: Zero to Three - August 4, 2011
This guide for caregivers of infants and toddlers describes planned curricula for infants and toddlers as 'experiences' rather than 'activities,' in order to emphasize the importance of focusing on the way children relate to the materials, the caregivers, and one another. These experiences are founded on a free-form process of learning through repeated interactions and explorations.
Review: Young Children - August 4, 2011
Emerging from the authors' teaching at the Palo Alto Infant-Toddler Center is a repertoire of ways to respond to infants and toddlers: curricular experiences wherein the focus is on the way children relate to the materials, the caregivers, and each other in 'lasting encounters that build trust.'
Review by: Janet Gonzalez-Mena, Author of Multicultural Issues in Child Care - August 4, 2011
Not activities, experiences—planned experiences! Yes! What I particularly like about this book is that it contains detailed material about caregiving in infant-toddler programs based on a sound philosophical foundation. Itís not just cute ideas of things to do, but goes way beyond an 'activity book.' The organization works well and continually promotes three valuable goals for infants and toddlers: curiosity, connections, and coordination. Clever labels for important pieces of advice also impressed me—like 'slow the pace: be an island,' 'say what you see, say what you know, and say who you are.' These are easy to remember and will serve the reader well. The book is chock full of good information, has loads of concrete examples, and is very readable!

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