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795487 (DVD)
9781573795487 (DVD)
Age Focus: 0-3
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Pave the way for active learning in infants and toddlers

Infants and toddlers are naturally active learners! When caregivers provide attentive, intentional support, they help these young children learn and grow in the context of safe and trusting relationships. By supporting children’s curiosity and their need to explore with their whole body and all their senses, caregivers affirm children’s interests and initiatives, paving the way for active learning.

  • Part 1 of this program discusses the ingredients that go into an active learning program.
  • Part 2 shows how caregivers use HighScope’s curriculum content to understand children’s growth and learning and to plan developmentally appropriate activities.
  • Part 3 illustrates caregiver strategies for supporting active learning in un-narrated scenes from HighScope settings.

DVD; 35 minutes, English and Spanish subtitles, viewer guide included.