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Build strong relationships with the children and families in your program and create an inclusive learning environment to increase the quality of education for all children, whether or not they have identified special needs.

Including One, Including All provides guiding principles for you to create a program that strengthens and supports children with behavioral, emotional, social, physical, and learning challenges. Written by a team of professionals who are known for their success using this model, Including One, Including All contains:

  • An overview of inclusion, including background on where it came from and information about the place it has found in education
  • A description of the “Engage-Reflect-Plan” cycle, a method to identify unique strengths, challenges, and approaches to help each child thrive
  • Stories, strategies, and tools central to successfully supporting children with different kinds of challenges
  • Ideas for collaboration and partnership with families
  • Detailed case studies following the classroom experiences of two children with special needs through a preschool program

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264 pages

About Todd Wanerman

Todd Wanerman, MA, has been an early childhood educator for over twenty-five years. Since 1990, he has been a head teacher and administrator at The Little School, a renowned inclusion program in more..

About Leslie Roffman

Leslie Roffman holds a degree in early childhood education and has over 30 years of experience in the field. She is cofounder and director of The Little School, a relationship-based, inclusive more..