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This book emphasizes the role of families and communities in children's education, and is geared to meeting national standards in teacher preparation programs. Content reflects current research and best practices in education. The first section, which presents a strong theoretical and research foundation, provides an understanding of family diversity and contemporary issues facing families with young children. This section also addresses the understanding of family systems, family stress, and the responsibilities of parenthood. The application section emphasizes skills and dispositions that pre-service and in-service teachers are expected to develop in relation to building partnerships. These skills include effective interpersonal communication, forming a family-based philosophy of education, parent and family life education topics and strategies, and community involvement. New content includes integration of current standards and a new video feature as well as expanded material on diversity, advocacy, technology, and strategies for dealing with parents.

Families, Schools, and Communities, Fifth Edition, includes

  • Helpful content with a historical perspective on family and parent involvement in education, information on the theories related to community development, discussion of recognizing family strengths, and information about military families, childhood obesity, and financial literacy
  • "Theory into Practice Suggestions" (TIPS) throughout the text highlighting additional information on ways to involve families in children's education
  • Text aligning with national standards for teacher preparation programs and reflecting current best practices in education
  • A focus on the formation of partnerships with school-friendly families and communities supported by effective ideas and strategies for increasing family involvement in the community and schools
  • An emphasis on real life skills needed to build solid relationships and partnerships within the community

  • New to this edition:
  • An expanded and improved chapter with the latest and most up-to-date information on diversity's ever-changing role in the classroom
  • More information on advocacy with specific tips and stories
  • New and expanded coverage of the modern day implications of technology to help y
  • r students adapt to the changing role of technology in the classroom
  • New and expanded strategies for dealing with parents
  • New case studies, observations, and class activities
  • A new video feature is integrated into the text, with reflection questions, to further illustrate key concepts
  • New and improved coverage of NAEYC and DAP standards, including a new standards correlation chart providing a convenient reference guide to in-text coverage
  • 400 pages