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Water is all around us.

The third topic in the Young Scientist Series leads children's explorations to help deepen their understanding of liquids and the properties of water.

The teacher's guide helps you prepare yourself and your classroom for explorations ranging from experimenting at the water table to investigating water in nature. Next, you will learn to guide children through open and focused science explorations of water and its properties, and how to best observe, assess, and document learning. Four detailed chapters help you support children as they hone skills critical to science inquiry, such as questioning, investigating, discussing, and formulating ideas and theories.

The comprehensive trainer's guide and video makes it easy to get teachers started with the Exploring Water with Young Children curriculum. Six basic and eight advanced workshops guide teachers through the curriculum, developing skills in inquiry-based teaching and science education. The guide also includes strategies for supporting teachers through mentoring and guided discussions, as well as detailed charts, forms, and reproducible overheads for extended study and reflection. The full-color video presents eight real-life vignettes of the curriculum in action for observation, reflection, and discussion.

The Young Scientist Series gives the tools you need to do serious science in the preschool classroom, including sample and reproducible charts and forms.

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