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112702 (DVD video)
112702 (DVD video)
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Watch a variety of story times

Reading to children is the most important literary activity. This video shows teachers reading picture books to children in groups and individually. Story time is varied by the use of flannel board stories. Children are seen demonstrating their understanding of stories through dramatization and puppet plays. They retell stories using flannel board figures and draw and dictate stories to their teacher.

The video continues with a look at real children engaged in a variety of activities which increase their vocabularies and knowledge in other areas. These activities include looking at picture files, studying environmental print, referring to recipe charts, keeping journals, writing books, and creating and painting a mailbox. A teacher describes why and how she set up classroom library and then children are shown borrowing books.

An important section of this video includes a teacher’s explanation and demonstration of taking dictation from a child, then producing an experience chart to hang on the classroom wall and also making it into a book for the child to take home.

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Run Time: 29 minutes


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