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Published by Redleaf Press

Eight techniques that foster intentional classroom practice

In her latest book, bestselling author Ann Lewin-Benham describes eight techniques that foster intentional and reflective classroom practice. She presents over 70 novel exercises to help teachers learn to use body, face, hands, voice, eyes, and word choices to precisely convey meaning. Some exercises are for teachers to practice, while others build intention and reflection in children. Dozens of scenarios from typical classroom situations contrast unintentional and intentional teaching behaviors. A self-assessment enables teachers to measure how intentional and reflective they become as they learn to use the eight techniques. This lively and often humorous resource is a companion to Lewin-Benham’s Twelve Best Practices for Early Childhood Education, which explains what to teach and why. This new book explains how to teach:
    Shows teachers how to incorporate the body’s micro-actions in their teaching.
    Presents "mindfulness" techniques, the leading edge in psychotherapy.
    Includes scenarios that show the impact words have on children.
    Explains the relation between up-to-the-minute brain research and the techniques presented.
    Unpacks the effectiveness of the Reggio Approach to teaching.

196 pages

About Ann Lewin-Benham

Ann Lewin-Benham founded and for 20 years directed the Capital Children's Museum in Washington, DC, where she also founded and directed the Model Early Learning Center, an early type of charter more..