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WINNER of the 2016 Academic's Choice Smart Book Awards!

Connecting with dual-language learners (DLLs) is a growing reality among early childhood educators, who need to learn practical, proven strategies to reach these students. Grounded in research and strengthened by the author s personal experience as a DLL student learning English, Connecting Right from the Start helps teachers understand the culturally and linguistically diverse children in their classroom, as well as those with disabilities. Some of the skills teachers will learn:
  • Ways to make DLLs feel more comfortable in the classroom
  • The stages of second-language acquisition
  • Ways to challenge DLLs without overwhelming them
  • Ways to involve families in school activities

Softbound, 144 pgs.

About Jennifer J. Chen

Jennifer J. Chen, EdD, brings her personal insight into the challenges that diverse students face in the classroom: When she immigrated to the United States from China as a teenager, she spoke more..