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Connecting Animals and Children in Early Childhood

Connecting Animals and Children in Early Childhood

Author: Patty Born Selly
Product Code: 541563
ISBN: 978-1-60554-156-3
Format: Softbound
Publisher: Redleaf Press®
Softbound $24.95 Qty: 

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Understand the value of connecting animals and children

From family pets and wild animals to toys, stuffed animals, and media images, animals are a central part of every child's landscape. This book examines the reasons why children should interact and connect with real animals, and it identifies the rich learning that results. You'll find heaps of foundational support and practical ideas to create authentic experiences that bring children and all kinds of species of animals together—including many adaptations if live animals are not permitted in your setting.

Connecting Animals and Children in Early Childhood

  • Examines the basic qualities that make animals so appealing to children
  • Explains how animals impact children's cognitive, social-emotional, and inter- and intrapersonal development and growth
  • Includes an overview of the many ways animals are present in children's lives
  • Introduces authentic experiences with animals that are supportive of children's understanding and learning, and respectful to both animals and people
  • Provides real-life examples of how to bring animals into your classroom with suggestions for planning, ideas for finding the right pet, and resources for making experiences meaningful, relevant, and joyful for children

  • Age focus: 3-8. Softbound, 184 pgs.

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    Review: Midwest Book Review - October 10, 2014
    Connecting Animals and Children in Early Child hood considers why and how children should interact with real anials at an early stage of childhood, and identifies the kinds of learning that comes from animal/child relationships. Images of animals already permeate younh lives, from media to toys; but this book considers why real animals are preferred, and outlines the benefits and impact of animals on a child's interpersonal development and social skills. From how to bring animals into a classroom to finding the right kind of pet and understanding how it will bring experience to the very young, this is filled with resources and ideas for connecting animals with even the youngest child.
    Review by: Howard Frumkin, MD, Dr.P.H., Dean & Professor, University of WA School of Public Health - February 7, 2014
    A beautifully written, beautifully illustrated, and succinct guide to children's connection with animals—its origins, its manifestations, its benefits, and how to promote it. Highly recommended.
    Review by: Stephen Kellert, Professor Emeritus, Yale University; author, Birthright - February 7, 2014
    Selly's book is an outstanding, informative, and inspiring examination of our complex and potentially beneficial relationship with nonhuman animals. Well-written and illustrated, the book provides a thorough understanding of the various ways humanity is enriched and enhanced by its connection with both wild and domesticated animals. The book is also realistic and practical, offering various pathways for particularly children to engage and learn from other life.
    Review by: David Walsh, PhD, psychologist and author - February 7, 2014
    What a wonderful resource for parents, grandparents, early childhood professionals, daycare providers, and anyone caring for children. This delightful, enjoyable, and useful book is full of solid information about the magical relationship between children and animals.
    Review by: Chad Dunkley, Chief Operating Officer, New Horizon Academy - February 7, 2014
    I enjoyed Connecting Animals and Children in Early Childhood. It is a well written resource that is easy to read, includes great pictures to share with children, and contains good information on how pets at home and in early education classrooms can help children learn about feelings. I would recommend Connecting Animals and Children in Early Childhood to anyone who brings a pet into a young child's life.
    Review by: Clarissa Uttley, PhD, Early Childhood Studies Professor, Plymouth State University - February 7, 2014
    Connecting Animals and Children in Early Childhood is an engaging text that presents strong connections between background knowledge and practical, hands-on approaches to including animals in children's lives. Patty does an excellent job integrating research with practical ideas for supporting child development and the child-animal bond. Key aspects to child development such as social-emotional, cognitive, and physical development are discussed from a unique perspective that includes cultural, financial, and social justice considerations. In addition to providing practical tips for including animals in children's lives, Patty also presents information on how media influences human perception of animals and their behaviors. The passion that Patty has for animals and children is very clear when reading this text and should encourage all educators to consider how to include animals in their classrooms. This text is written with the concern for both children and animals and how animals can positively support child development. This may sound cliché, but I really mean it—this should be a must-read for any educator considering bringing an animal into the classroom as a pet. The section on planning and having meaningful interactions is especially crucial for early childhood educators to understand.
    Review by: Meg Daley Olmert, Director of Research, Warrior Canine Connection, Inc; author - February 7, 2014
    Even in the 21st century, the human brain remains powerfully attracted to animals. Patty Born Selly does a beautiful job showing us why that ancient, innate bond remains essential to the development of our children and our species. Selly's vision gives me joy and hope for the future. I hope all teachers and parents will take this book to heart.
    Review by: Christy Merrick, National Start Coordinator, North American Association for Environmental Education - February 7, 2014
    Patty Born Selly shows us how we can capitalize on children's innate connection with animals to create everyday opportunities to spur children's curiosity, engage children in learning that's meaningful, and connect children with other living creatures. This book is a powerful tool for any teacher who wants to bring more life into his or her teaching.
    Review by: Samuel Ross Jr., PhD, Founder and Managing Director, The Friends of Green Chimneys - February 7, 2014
    Connecting Animals and Children in Early Childhood is an excellent resource. It provides the reader with so many ideas, guidance for the planning and the implementation, and questions to consider. As I read the book, I recalled an incident long ago where a child picked up a caterpillar and was holding it tightly in his hands. An observer said, “Watch this. He's going to step on it.” Not so, he was looking for a rock to hide the caterpillar so it could be protected and become a butterfly. It's these unbelievable moments that reveal the special relationship between children and animals. We can all benefit from the ideas in this book that teach us the importance of providing children with meaningful animal encounters.

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