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Hosted by Grace Hanlon, this DVD blends interviews with the respected experts behind Addressing Challenging Behaviors in Early Childhood Settings and Challenging Behaviors in Early Childhood Settings and with footage of the Arlitt Center, an award-winning laboratory preschool where 25% of the children have a disability.

Through insights and advice from top professionals and examples of experienced teachers using the suggested approaches, educators will understand the factors that contribute to challenging behavior in young children and the steps they can take to encourage positive interactions. Teachers will see how to manage a range of challenging behaviors—including separation anxiety, aggression, and tantrums—by helping children talk through problems, label feelings, celebrate exhibits of self-control, and use other effective strategies.

About Grace M. Hanlon

Grace M. Hanlon is a Learning and Behavior Disorder Specialist, with an MS in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Amongst Grace's award winning and critically acclaimed video productions are Successfully Parenting your Baby with Special Needs, and A New IDEA for Special Education. Grace also hosts innovative parent/teacher workshops. more..