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The paper-and-pencil version of COR Advantage

This paper-and-pencil version of COR Advantage offers all the materials needed for one year's use of the assessment with 24 children. As in the online version, the instrument spans birth-to-kindergarten ages and has eight distinct scoring levels for 36 items in nine child development content areas. Recommended for individual classrooms, centers with one to three classrooms, programs without internet access, and family child care programs.
Kit includes:

  • 1 COR Advantage User Guide
  • 2 COR Advantage 1.5 Scoring Guides
  • 2 COR Advantage 1.5 Desk References
  • 24 COR Advantage Anecdote Booklets
  • 25 COR Advantage Family Booklets
  • Reproducible COR Advantage Child Summary and Class Summary Forms (1 each)
  • 3 COR Advantage Sticky Note Pads
  • 2 COR Advantage Anecdote Pouches
  • 2 COR Advantage Expandable Files